The Last planning for the living wake Is here, and I am so far from catching up

Having spent two and half weeks in the hospital my blood counts going up and down, developing a blood infection along with my extreme malnutrition I experience unbelievable fatigue. I have now been released into home hospice care given a life span of three weeks, of which I am going to make every effort to bypass.  Unfortunately one of the most enjoyable activities is also the most exhausting is visiting with friends and family.

The family and I can’t begin to appreciate enough all the gifts of generosity you have all shown us. It has been an incredible out pouring from the community that we will never be able to repay. We would like all that can attend my wake this Saturday  9/16 @ 5pm at CCB to enjoy time together.

Full of gratitude



5 thoughts on “The Last planning for the living wake Is here, and I am so far from catching up

  1. I am grateful for the opportunity to be with you and all of your beloved, to celebrate you and share in the abundant, positive influence you’ve had on so many. It is a gift to all of us that you would allow us in to such a deep space and vulnerable time in your life. Looking forward to serving at the party. Thank you for your transparency and candor. I love you, Trent Dolyniuk. See you soon, Cari


  2. All my love Trent.
    There were times that you would play the “devil’s advocate” in our conversations, and it irked me. But I know now, that you were keeping the conversation alive and really making me think! I thank you!
    Will be there Satuday.


  3. Trent,
    The greatest gift of all was from you, your friendship, generosity, and honesty precious and priceless.
    Trent you left an impression on me that can not compare. Since the “Black Bird” came into the light, You have soared to new heights carried your dreams to reality and given more than anyone expected. You are a gift to me. I did listen to you but it took awhile for me to “hear” what you said to me, lessons learned, thoughts to think and life to live, angry people don’t sit well in this world, you lightened my load , showed me how to cope and move forward. I will never forget you.
    You will be that Black Bird on the fence post or the telephone line, I will remember and give thanks that in this life I knew the man who believed in life.

    Thank you, Trent


  4. Trent, we met at Aloha High School in 1982 when I was an exchange student. You were so friendly and welcoming in the school store and you introduced me to Watchamacallit candy. You probably don’t even remember that, but I do. I am writing this with tears pouring down my face because of all that you have had to go through, but the bravery and strength shown has been a life lesson to me. Sending prayers to you and your family and I’m so pleased you were able to attend your first wake. With love and light to you, Anne Mehliss


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