Where to begin this leg of the journey?…

I attended a scheduled appointment on AUG 4th (Kel’s and Mine 30th wedding anniversary… lucky gal lol) I was to get two units of blood and two units of fluid. When I got to the appointment my blood pressure was extremely low 76/44 and my Hemoglobin number was 5, very low…………. a Hemoglobin count of 12 would be normal, emergency rooms don’t want to let you leave if you have a count of 7 or lower, so guess who went to the ER? This also meant I had Anemia, I could barely move, think, and even had considerable trouble breathing. Malnutrition and Dehydration were the two biggest culprits attacking me. I had just finished up a 10 day Radiation run, and the second week of a new Chemo treatment.

The plan of attack quickly formed, get the blood levels closer to normal and jump on the nutrition wagon ASAP. Blood therapy (my term) meant 4 more units of blood, and a continuing flow of liquids. During this time it was discovered that I was bleeding in my GI tract, which wasn’t really helping my effort to get back to normal, aside from the fact that bloody Black Diarrhea does not calm one’s nerves. 1. got bleeding under control, a combo of the Stent, Radiation, and Blood Thinners seem to be the cause…That’s all in check currently. 2. Blood Numbers managed, sadly I am low blood pressure person by nature, however between the extra Units of 0+, units of fluid, and Albumin they were able to wrangle the blood to a more normal level. 3. Got the feeding tube put in and started the slow process of reintroducing food to my system, after months of nothing. The tank started to fill with a special goop pushed by a pump on a 24 cycle.

We felt like things were looking good for setting a coming home date! but wouldn’t ya know the next new blood work comes back with a little troubling numbers mix, and further testing confirmed a Blood Bacterial infection. Guess what !?! All dates for patient Trent’s release have been suspended!!! Since the bacterial blood diagnosis, the new feeding tube has decided while I’m still in bed, now would be a good time to start leaking. This puts nutrition on hold, and means some sort of procedure to patch up my leaky tub.

The last time many of you have seen, I was a shade of Death’s Door white and about 150#….. Well now I’ve added about 30# of water weight… all in my legs, lower gut, and in my scrotum, I wouldn’t normally bring my junk into a story, however so much fluid has migrated there, believe it or not your sack will stretch… currently about the size of a personal melon or larger cantaloupe, adds a whole new dimension to the bed roll over… never needed momentum before…. lol.

With a bacterial blood infection looming, we don’t really talk about a life time line anymore, my goal is to continue to squeeze out as much life a possible. I want you all to know The LOVE, SUPPORT, and GENEROSITY shown to Kelly and myself and our family by so many friends and community world wide has brought me to tears more than once, made me feel stronger, and has been heaped upon us in such lavish amounts, it just doesn’t feel deserved, and yet I don’t think I would have of made it this far without you all!

Thank You All!

PS I hadn’t written a post in awhile because frankly with anemia and malnutrition the old noggin wasn’t firing on all cylinders, there may still be a miss fire now and again, but we’re working on it.