After Stent

The procedure went well, I now have a tube where my esophagus was. This will allow easier swallowing and eating soft foods, however I have to sleep sitting at a 45 degree angle or better, which will take a little getting used to. Since I have a stent there is no longer a valve or flap separating my stomach bile from rushing up the pipe and causing major reflux issues if I were to lay flat on my back, so 45 degrees it is. The next phase is to get some scans and see about radiation on the esophagus. I requested if possible to be able to eat steak again, so both my oncology doc and GI surgeon got together to come up with the stent/radiation plan, I could not be happier with my care, they listen and try to make it happen. I looking forward to increased energy from getting more nutrients. 

I cannot state loud and strongly enough about the support I have gotten, it literally brings me to tears. Friends, family, and community have all shown me more love than I deserve. You all make me want to fight harder and squeeze out more life from this ride! Thank you doesn’t say enough, I am indebted to you all!

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