Getting the Stent

So tomorrow at 12:30pm I check in for the stent procedure, I’ve never been one to go to the doctor, so this whole Cancer business has been a major adjustment. A stent is a tube they insert in your throat to widen the opening because CANCER has grown and clogged your pie hole. I’m not that comfortable with being put under, although being awake would be absolutely horrifying. The Plan is to put in a stent so I can leave the world of Steven King’s “Thinner” and start getting some nutrition. Then we are scheduled to get some scans and see if I’m a candidate for Esophageal Cancer Radiation (cross that off my bucket list)…Yes I’m beginning to now feel like the guy from “Alien” with something foreign in my throat. What’s really strange since I’m on this movie comparison kick is one of my favorite Sci-Fi movies is “Blade Runner” and for years I really Identified with Harrison Ford’s character and the struggle about AI life. However now that my life is on the clock I find Rutger Hauer’s character and I have more in common. I get a little apprehensive before a sleeping procedure, I always wonder if I’ll wake up… and what to. I haven’t had that many procedures but they still creep me out. I truly trust the people at OHSU, they’re great… but man that place is huge. I’ll be back yacking at you Saturday if all goes well until then wish me luck!

14 thoughts on “Getting the Stent

    • Prayers for you from Debbie and Karl. Anesthesia is easy, and you will be great. Excited to read your next blog about your swallowing after!


  1. We’ll all be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing for the best! Hoping you will be able to get nutrition more easily and get your strength up. Your courage and determination to make the best of all that comes at you is as amazing as the progress that has been made over the years in cancer treatment. Looking forward to your next blog!


  2. You’ve got this! Looking forward to seeing you feed your face 🙂

    Thoughts and prayers your way tomorrow and every day! Kick its a$$ Trent!


  3. Our thoughts and prayers go to you. I want you feeling better. I’ll bring a root beer flat, milkshake. name the flavor!


  4. Sending you tons of best wishes for a successful procedure, Trent! And, had a great fish taco on Cape Cod– asked it be renamed “The Trent.”


  5. Just wanted to let you know not to worry about “going under”. As you may or may not remember I am a survivor of a brain aneurysm-going on 12 years. However I get to go in the hospital quite frequently for different reasons. Last week I went in for an upper GI. I too always worry about waking up so when I did wake up, I was busy telling EVERYONE who would listen, “WOW that was REALLY good shit”!! So Trent, just lay back and enjoy!! You’ll be sipping that whiskey soon! Thinking of you-Marla Schafer (Peg’s Colorado cousin)


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