Last Day in Cabo

Tomorrow we head back across the imaginary wall to the good ol USA and home. Eating has not returned, liquids are proving difficult as well, so no tacos were realized. I see the Doc on Monday so I’m sure options and plans will be made then. I am weak from weight loss and malnutrition, walking any distance taxes me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Airports are a fatigued persons nightmare, the trip down completely wore me out. I’m looking forward to getting home and back at the grind. I will miss the crashing waves of the beaches here, and I should have followed my dream of moving here years ago. To Someone with an extended expiration date it might seem impractical but to me it just looks like an opportunity missed at this point. Live as large as you can, you won’t regret it!

3 thoughts on “Last Day in Cabo

  1. Good advice, but hard to grasp for most.
    Please request a wheelchair today for the airport tomorrow (for both airports)
    Savor the moments. Hugs

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  2. I’m no doctor, but I’m all for more Vitamin Sea. (Couldn’t resist.) More important: You’re such a savage fighter, Trent. Your insights are powerful.


  3. I hope you can find a wheelchair or golf cart to get through the airport for the trip back. Soak up all the sun and surf you can and then come back – we ordered sunshine for you for the weekend.
    May we all heed the reminder to live the life we love, not the life we think we are supposed to live.


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