Wake Preparations

So I need to construct a Whole Hog Cooker, this is a photo of an example of a cooker I swiped from the internet. Mine will be 46″x144″ enough room for a Hog, a Lamb, various Beef Bits, and a 46″x40″ Plancha at one end.


I was able to score some heavy duty window security  screens at The Rebuilding Center for only $60! They will be off to sand blasting soon and then cured by fire, they measure a total of 40″X101″ and will make a great landing pad for the Critters.

Hog Cooker ScreenIm figuring I need about 92 Cinder Blocks to make a three sided cooker and leave an open end to shovel in coals, with the Plancha on the open end. I’ve got 275 gallon old oil tank that will serve as my charcoal cooker. I’ve purchased a local Lamb in the field to be butchered for the event, the hog I’ll most likely get from Carlton… unless somebody has a Duroc they’re raising and they don’t know what to do with? I’ll add more photos as we get this thing built… I’m looking forward to it!

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