Headed the right direction

Swallowing is getting easier, my endoscopy (a scope to look down my pie hole) is scheduled for next Friday, the day before we leave for a week in Mexico. I’m hoping I’ll get good news while in the sun….I’m up 3# so far this week to 158#, I’m really shooting for about 185-190, if swallowing improves I think that’s doable. I’ve been pushing it hard this week, Had chemo Monday-Wednesday and scheduled myself pretty aggressively this week. I push myself to avoid melancholy, if I have things that must be done I don’t have time to mope. Did AMNW this week which was fun airs June 19th, looks like I’ll be back once a month until December or I fail miserably which ever comes first. Brian Yeager interviewed me for the Portland Mercury… don’t know when that will come out. Then another fellow dropped by who is writing a book about conversations with Americans and chatted me up for a couple hours. So it appears if you become terminally ill you also become infinitely more interesting….lol.

The family would like me to write a cookbook, so I need to start framing that. I’m thinking something more along the lines of entertaining and cooking tips,  as opposed to recipe, recipe, recipe, yawn, recipe. Besides with the internet, does the world really need another cook book?

On the lighter side I’m still hoping to get a taco down while in Mexico, or at least a dirty Monkey poolside. I’m so ready to lay by a pool and do nothing, sunscreen be damned can’t say I’m afraid to get skin cancer currently.

Apropos of Nothing

Last night I went to a show with my buddy Steve, I picked the musician based on stuff he’d done 30 years ago….he has changed and I wasn’t aware. This was him as I remember….


Last night we saw a more soundscapes put me to sleep performance, like this



So the take away is, I’m terrible at keeping current. I’m going to stick to Jazz or Blues me thinks. It now makes sense why there were so many stoned people at this show lol. Don’t let my bad luck keep you from enjoying live performances, get out there and live people, you have no idea how much it will mean to you when it’s gone!

2 thoughts on “Headed the right direction

  1. You have always been interesting and had a lot to say Trent. You are just at a place in your life now that your thoughts take on a more meaningful perspective that maybe more people want to hear. I love to hear your thoughts and will keep listening. ❤️


  2. Personally, I love cookbooks. I would take a Terminal Chef cookbook full of recipes in a heartbeat. I know you’ve encouraged me to just cook, but I still love following a recipe more than anything. : )


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