A better day…. Sun is shinning

Foot MassageCertainly a better day today having chemo and getting a massage, life could be much worse. I was having trouble drinking and eating the last few days, but then Yesterday afternoon I could consume again! Holy smokes drank tons of fluid, had some Sangria, and was evens gifted a taste of incredibly rare A.H. Hirsch Bourbon… couldn’t of been a better day spent with friends and family.

The concerning news is I’m down to 155# almost 100# weight loss since last fall… not the weight loss program I would recommend. The Doc scheduled another endoscopy to see what’s going on, I suspect I’ve been throwing up chunks of tumor which has been blocking consumption (I know it sounds gross, but if I could throw up Cancer how cool would that be?!?!?). This is a guess on my part, but the doctor said it could be a possibility… and I’m a guy that loves possibilities! I’m still set on eating tacos in Mexico come June! even if I have to bullet the little suckers. Not eating enough leaves me a little fatigued, but sitting and doing nothing sucks worse than being exhausted, so I keep pushing. I’m reminded of the Bobby Riggs quote “I hate losing more than I like winning” which totally sums up my mindset in most things. I am determined to put more weight on, we may have to suspend chemo for a few weeks and try and zap my esophagus with radiation depending on what the endoscopy shows. All in all I’m feeling positive in my quest to eek out more lifespan, I still want to learn blacksmithing, work on some paintings, push my cooking further, and have more laughs with friends and families. My request of you all is, please follow your passion where ever it lies, throw yourself into it. Spend time with people you care about and disregard those that merely take up space in your life. we all have an expiration date, I’m just lucky enough to ave a better idea of what it is.

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