Fame and Fortune comes a knockin’

The Terminal Chef has been contacted by the local ABC affiliate KATU and specifically the show AM Northwest. It looks as though I will be on June 8th to talk about Cancer and Cooking as it pertains to my onesie. I’ll be doing a cooking demo on the Mac Daddy, and talking about the Cancer Journey. I’ll add the recipe here just prior to going on and some still shots in hopes that people who want to replicate it will have greater success. Wish me luck and tune in!

7 thoughts on “Fame and Fortune comes a knockin’

  1. Let’s see now, where does your talent lie? Making TV cooking shows, writing great blogs about almost everything and you make it an awesome read, working with community organizations, volunteering where ever you see a need, working to achieve a “greatest parent award” if there were one, best husband award! Great family man for his and hers. Oh I didn’t mention the actual art of cooking the delicious menu items! Oh, then there are all of those beautiful catering for so many weddings plus many other caterings done by Black Bird Catering. These are just a few quick thoughts that come to mind as I read your article about serving your community!!! All I can now say is so proud to have you as my son in law!!!!


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