Trent’s First Wake

The date of my first wake is the halfway point or 9 months of my lowest life expectancy number of 18-24 Months. There are cases where Herceptin has increased longevity, but only time will tell and I’m not waiting to find out. I do run the risk of having multiple wakes and I wouldn’t blame people for getting disgruntled and calling bullshit! I hate funerals and wouldn’t ask anyone to attend one, so since I have a tentative expiration date I much rather say goodbye in person every year I’m still kicking. So I hope you will try to attend and RSVP on my facebook page Trent Dolyniuk so we will have enough party supplies.

Trents first wake

One thought on “Trent’s First Wake

  1. Trent you are one of the most UNIQUE individual I have ever meet.
    I was BLESSED to have worked with you for a short time and in that time you thought me not only to listen but to believe in myself. Sitting across from you (on purpose) in more than a couple board meetings eye contact with you gave me courage to be quiet and strength to listen.
    You without a doubt made a positive impact in my life.
    I am forever blessed to have met and “listened” to you.

    Thank you, my friend.

    Linda McDougle


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