Some Before and After Photos

Since November 2016 I’ve lost 70 pounds, great to be at a weight I should be however I cannot recommend the methodology. The weight loss has been so dramatic I’ve been able to go the grocery store in our small town unrecognized, anonymity can be such a blessing when you feel like shit. I’m currently undergoing my 6th Chemo treatment, 3 chemos, 1 Herceptin therapy, and 1 new bone density something or another. I got in at 9am it’s 3:30 now and I’m probably here for at least another 45 minutes to an hour, which gives me an opportunity to blog and do paperwork such as ordering, invoices etc.

3 thoughts on “Some Before and After Photos

  1. Holy Shit Batman -you are right, I wouldn’t have recognized you – your weightloss program SUCKS but your attitude is King….Embracing life is who you are – so enjoy the journey – we all still have a lot to learn from you. Don’t forget you promised to explain the industrial catering to the buzzies – – I know, it’s on the List…
    Andrew and I are ready to come out this summer for that party you talked about (hopefully August?) – I bet that would make a hell of a buzzin, so you’d have to labor covered at least – I’ll give you a call this week – or call me when you have some time to chat.
    We love you and we are rooting for you to enjoy the rest of your life to the fullest. xxooQueenBee

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  2. Trent you are an incredible person and I admire your attitude. You keep me strong as I am going through my own healing journey. I really don’t have a complete diagnosis yet or treatment plan. I am happy I finally found a great oncologist and we will get there. That was my goal in moving down here. I needed a second opinion! Much more to come and you lift my spirit. Much love and many healing prayers sent your way – xoxo Maura


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